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The B&B Saint Venardia is located within a small Agricultural Firm which, in the winter months, dedicates itself to the cultivation of the mushroom Cardoncello. The atmosphere is that of a true B&B under family management, owned and run as it is by a couple with two young sons. The house, typically Mediterranean in style and construction and surrounded by an uliveto (countryside dotted with olive trees), has available three recently refurbished rooms and a fully-equipped apartment. The B&B is situated in Gallìpoli's Arena of Saint Venardia, a few hundred meters from the sea and 1,500 metres from the city centre. Walking along the coastal road in the direction of Leuca you immediately encounter, starting with the Lido S. Giovanni, the most beautiful beaches of Gallipoli with their characteristically delicate golden sands that mix with the wild dunes and rocks of the punta de Pizzo (Pizzo Point).

Turn in the other direction, however, and you find yourself immediately on the waterfront Galileo Galilei that, by way of a long promenade bustling with all kinds of market dealers, kiosks, music and children’s attractions, transports you to the historical center of Gallipoli. Kalè Polis (beautiful city) was the name given by the ancient Greek navigators to this marvelous città/scoglio (city/rock) of the Messapis. Immersed in the blue of the Ionian sea, it is characterised by a maze of lanes that scurry amongst whitewashed houses and residences painted with the most brilliant Mediterranean colours. Continuous invasions have left an indelible trace upon the architecture: the Hellenistic Fountain; the Angioino Castle; the Ponte Vecchio that connects the island to the mainland; the Cathedral of Sant'Agata. The weaving of different cultures has left the city with an abundance of religious and gastronomic traditions which are repeated each year - the most spectacular of which occur around the time of Carnival, Easter and Christmas.

Today Gallipolì is not just a sea harbour and big commercial centre but also a dynamic tourist reference for the whole Salento thanks to its exemplary bathing facilities and the nautical equipment which allows it to host boats of every class